We Have a New Podcast! Introducing the 2 Biz Broads Podcast

Exciting things are coming here at REVA Academy! We are happy to announce today that we are accomplishing a big goal and launching our newest endeavor, the 2 Biz Broads Podcast.

Serita and I have been very busy this month, dreaming up new things for our businesses and for REVA Academy. A big theme for both of us this year is to "play a bigger game". This involves making big goals, trying new things, playing with big ideas, and going outside of our comfort zones. So one of our top goals this year was to try something totally new to us and start a podcast. Mission accomplished!

We created the 2 Biz Broads podcast to be a show not only for our REVA Academy friends and students, but also for women small business owners, female entrepreneurs, online business owners and busy mompreneurs. With our many years in business experience to draw from, we will be telling our stories, sharing ideas and strategies for business growth, giving some straight talk and having a bit of fun. While our podcast does have a focus on business, we really do not want to take ourselves too seriously. We will aim to be informative, insightful, and bit entertaining all at once. Our main goal is to not be boring. It'll be kind-of like talking with your "Business Besties."

And we KNOW our podcast will resonate with our REVA Academy students and friends here in the virtual assistant and real estate world.

What made us decide to start this podcast?

Serita and I have become very close over the years, ever since we first connected back in 2010. We Skype with each other nearly every day, talking about our businesses, our joint ventures, and our family life. We have had many a conversation involving one of us advising the other, giving some straight talk and tough love. We also are constantly sharing new ideas, problem solving together, and sharing new tech and apps we have found to enhance our businesses. On some occasions, we've said "wow, we really should record and share some this conversation" because many other women small business owners may find the information valuable as well. And we are finally bringing that to life.

Our first very first episode of the 2 Biz Broads podcast is now live and available on iTunes and covers Accountability and finding the right accountability partner. This episode not only introduces our new show, but gives you a lot of insight into the partnership and friendship between Serita and myself. It was a lot of fun and we are looking forward to sharing much more.

So we hope you enjoy our new show. To support us, please go and subscribe on iTunes so you can receive each new episode as it comes out.

If you have any comments or any questions for the 2 Biz Broads that you want answered on our show, we would LOVE to hear from you.  You can either leave us a comment or talk directly to us on Twitter at @2BizBroads, or send us an email at

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