She Thinks Your System’s Sexy – Real Estate Agents Need Systems

developing systems, systems in real estate, real estate systems, real estate clients, real estate virtual assistant, real estate virtual assistant business, real estate virtual assistant tipsWhen assisting real estate agents, having a great system is just sexy. Without having a great system for everything you do, it all becomes a disorganized mess rapidly. So how do you develop a system for what you're doing? Here are 3 great tips for setting up some seriously sexy systems in your business for working with real estate clients.

  1. For everything you do create a log. This log is a live document that shows the step for every action you take when doing the work. By having a living document you can update as you need to and it will eliminate tasks or steps falling through the cracks.
  2. Develop a document library. When you have a library of contracts, checklists, a letter library, and a set filing system it just makes everything easier. It makes client intake processes less painful for both of you, and your agent will appreciate that you have exactly what they need to get up and running quickly.
  3. Develop a plan for how the work will be handled. If you have a team, this means who does what. If it's just you and one agent, then you need to determine who is responsible for what in the beginning so there is no confusion.

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