The 10 Qualities of a Great Real Estate Virtual Assistant

10_Qualities_of_a_great_REVAWant to know if  you have what it takes to be a great Real Estate Virtual Assistant? There are some valuable qualities that separate the great Real Estate Virtual Assistants from the rest, and those great ones go on to have full practices of REALTOR clients and raving fans. So what qualities make an awesome Real Estate VA? Here they are:

1. Serious Attention to Detail

We cannot stress enough how important paying attention to detail in all aspects of dealing with your real estate agent clients and their business. Agents are often times dealing with sensitive financial information, and home information that needs to be accurate on public MLS displays, or they can get in serious hot water. You must closely follow all of their directions and pick up on anything that might possibly be missed. Try to go above and beyond your client expectations

2. Accuracy

This can go hand in hand with attention to detail above, but accuracy is super valuable for many reasons. First and foremost, one little error on an MLS entry or property marketing pieces can mean huge problems for the agent. Again, Real Estate Virtual Assistants are sometimes handling sensitive information and agents rely on your accuracy to help them. We all know that human error happens, but the best Real Estate Virtual Assistants double, triple, or quadruple check their work for accuracy before delivering.

3. Self Motivation

The best Real Estate Virtual Assistants don't always wait around for orders, or get moving on projects only with the client stays on top of them. The best Real Estate Virtual Assistants are highly motivated and take initiative on things that need to be done. They seek out solutions to problems without being asked, and find work that needs to be done that the agent might not even realize. They don't need to be micromanaged. They just do what needs to be done always. Again, going above and beyond expectations.

4. Highly Organized

It's hard to organize and manage your real estate agents' businesses if you are not organized yourself. It is essential to have your office and your systems set up and organized for your REVA business to best serve your clients. Having a system and procedure for everything you do and every service you provide will make your business run more smoothly and always keep you on top of your game. Organization is not every agent's strong suit, so many times they will look to their REVA for help in that arena.

5. Effective Problem Solving

Many agents come to a Real Estate Virtual Assistant because they have a problem or issue they can't quite figure out, and they want them to help fix it. It could be anything from finding the right software or app to help with their transactions, or developing and implementing systems to solve their marketing woes processes go more smoothly. A great REVA can think quick on their feet and make things happen. This is makes a Real Estate VA that the client can't live without.

6. Tech Savvyness

Technology moves fast and the social media landscape changes constantly. So the best Real Estate VAs  constantly monitor and educate them selves on the latest technology products, software and apps that real estate agents use. Many agents have what we affectionately call "Shiny Object Syndrome", and usually snap up  the latest "shiny" new program then go to their REVA, who are expected to be familiar with it. The best Real Estate Virtual Assistants are ready to tackle the newest technology tool with ease.

7. Great Communication Skills

We always say, communication is key. In order to make the client - Virtual Assistant relationship work the best, the great Real Estate Virtual Assistants stay in constant communication with their clients, and never leave them hanging or wondering if tasks are getting done. Things like utilizing project management tools and regular client meeting or strategy sessions keep the client up to date on everything going on. The best Real Estate Virtual Assistants never let a week or two go without touching base with their clients.

8. Creativity

A great Real Estate VA has the ability to think outside the box and are always finding ways to make things better for their clients. Creative Real Estate Virtual Assistants are essential in coming up with an innovative marketing strategy, helping design fresh marketing materials, and helping agents develop a unique brand that sets them apart from their competitors. Innovation and fresh new ideas are the key to keeping agents one step ahead.

9. Trustworthiness

The greatest Real Estate Virtual Assistants adhere to strict confidentiality policies and always practice ethically. Again, because sensitive financial and personal information is often handled, agents need to be able to trust their Real Estate Virtual Assistants to treat it with discretion and keep it secure. Also, it is important that  marketing and trade secrets not be divulged to other agents, particularly if an VA is working with multiple agents from one market area.

10. Reliability

The Real Estate VA with the most raving fans and clients are the ones their clients can consistently count on. It is especially important in this virtual world when the VA does not work in the physical presence  of their client, that they can still deliver on their promises and deadlines without being micromanaged. A great REVA always shows up on time for virtual meetings, keeps deadlines,take care of listings in their promised turn around times and doesn't drop off the face of the earth once their fee is paid. A reliable Real Estate Virtual Assistant helps keeps a good name for the rest of us hard working Real Estate Virtual Assistants out there.

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2 Responses to “The 10 Qualities of a Great Real Estate Virtual Assistant”

  1. Yani Lim Lacaba May 26, 2016 at 8:09 pm #

    Interesting article! Having these kinds of qualities will surely carry out a qualified VA in you. Seeking out solutions to problems without being asked, opening fresh ideas for further development, being organized on what you are doing: these are some good points to take note of.

    Mariane Lacaba(Elitework)

  2. Jade Brunet February 21, 2017 at 10:44 pm #

    Self motivation would be a great thing to look for in a realtor. It would be nice to have someone who is excited to help you through the house buying and selling process. My neighbor recently used a realtor to sell his house and he was pleased to know that his realtor was always one step ahead of him with scheduling.

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