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Red Phone BoothsDoes a Real Estate Pro need their real estate VA to be able to occasionally receive and handle phone calls pertaining to their transactions and other business? Is it important for an agent client to show their REVA as an important and integrated member of their team?  Our answer is yes and we encourage them to look into a Virtual Phone system!

One of the important logistics you must figure out when starting with an new client, particularly with Transaction Coordination, is how communications will be handled between all parties in transactions, and on the agent's behalf. Email is usually the easiest line of communications to start with. But real estate is still a business that relies heavily on phone communication as well. With the use of a virtual phone box or virtual phone system, this can make it easy for you as their REVA to handle your Realtor's phone communications.

How does this work? Using a virtual phone box system, the agent can have their VA seamlessly handle their transaction communications by having a direct phone number or extension where all parties can easily get a hold of them. That number or extension would then automatically forward to wherever that Virtual Assistant is located, whether in the same office or in their own office across the country.  It is an efficient and very professional way for  the real estate agents to handle all of their incoming calls for their real estate business, not only transaction management.

Let me give you an example of how I have done this with clients. My client was located in another state from me (the nature of our Virtual Business) and had a toll free number through RingCentral to where all his real estate business calls came through. For every possible need for his callers, there was a certain extension number assigned and announced in his recorded greeting. For all transaction related business, his message directed callers to dial my specific extension, which when utilized, would ring to my phone number wherever I was located. I also had my own voicemail box set up in the even I couldn't answer and callers knew I was a part of his team and not different business owner in another location. His callers didn't know whether I was right in his office or anther state. Seamless and efficient!

What kind of places provide this service? There are a few different sources your agent can use to run their communications in this way. *Here are just a few to check out:

So there you have it. A virtual phone system is an easy solution that will make communications for your Realtor clients efficient and seamless. It also gives your clients that professional edge and positions them as a premier real estate company with a premier team to back them up.

I should also note that if you are planning on starting a team for your REVA business, it would be beneficial to utilize the same service for your company communications. With that, your team members can also communicated with your clients all through your own phone number and extensions.

* Please note, the above companies listed are just suggestions and REVA Academy in no way has received any compensation for mentioning them. The client or the REVA must do their due diligence in researching and finding the right solution for them

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