There Is No Excuse For Stopping Marketing

Don't stop

Don't stop

The weather heats up and it is the time of year where the market gets hot, and business is hopping for many Real Estate VAs and Real Estate Agents alike. It is a good place to be in, having a full client load and many projects/listings in the works. So because things are so busy, that means marketing efforts can stop for the time being, right? WRONG! No matter how busy you are, you should never stop marketing.

When we go through our real estate virtual assistant training programs, we remind our students that, as REVAs, our agents come to rely on us for advice and our expertise, especially when it comes to marketing. Our agents often have busy schedules, and things especially get hectic when their business really starts hopping. A full load of listings, and buyers and they hardly have time to think, let alone to do marketing.  Often times can lead into a trap of not keeping up with marketing because they have no time for it, or mistakenly think they have no need for it. The smart Realtors know that they need to continue to keep new leads coming in the pipeline, whether they are "too busy" or not. A lot of times that is the very reason they come to us REVAs in the first place.

The exact same thing goes for your own REVA business. Though it may be tempting to stop your marketing when you think you have "enough" business, it is a big mistake. Many virtual assistants can tend to get stuck in the feast or famine cycle, mainly because their marketing does not remain consistent. When times get busy, many VAs are soloprenuers and feel they don't have the time to keep up the marketing. But when a slow down comes, business can dry up without fresh leads in that pipeline.

It's time to break out of the feast or famine cycle and keep up those consistent marketing efforts no matter what. There are many steps and strategies you as a real estate VA can utilize to keep that marketing going. It could be as simple as picking a day and scheduling your social media postings at once for several days in the future. Keep content for your editorial calendar full buy writing numerous blog posts at once to schedule for future use when you are stretched for time. Repost and repurpose past marketing campaigns and articles to keep things going and keep up front of mind awareness with your list and fans.

You may view it as a time where you look into adding VA team members to take on your client overflow so you can continue to grown your business. You may even hire your own Virtual Assistant to do your marketing for you.

When your business is booming things may seem hectic, but that is a great thing. Just like what we tell our Realtor clients, it holds true for us. It is important to remember to never stop your marketing, and take any steps you can to keep it up.

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