The Do’s and Don’ts of Subcontracting – Part 2

subcontractors, real estate virtual assistant training, virtual assistant training, REVA AcademyChoosing to take on subcontractors is a track that many of us growing Real Estate VA business owners have taken to continue our growth. But there are many things that contribute to a good subcontracting relationship.  In Part 1, we talked about several important Dos and Don'ts for being a VA Subcontractor. And here are a few more important do's and don'ts to being a Subcontracting Virtual Assistant.

Do be honest about your skill set and abilities. If it is a task that you are unfamiliar with, or something you have never handled, speak up be honest with your lead VA. Do not tell them that you are able to perform a task when you have no idea how, or lack the skills. It severely damages your credibility when found out and makes the Lead VA look bad to their client when task has either not been performed correctly, up to standards, or not at all.

Don't expect a stream of non-stop work. It's a subcontracting position, meaning the Lead VA usually only needs some help on an as-needed basis. That means they are not likely to hand over every single task on her plate all the time.  Remember, subcontracting is a good way to build your skills and supplement your income. Rarely should you expect that you will support your family and pay your mortgage on one subcontracting job alone.

Do be clear about your availability. If you say you are available at certain times on certain days, the Lead VA is going to expect you are able to work on tasks at those times you stated and not that you are out running errands. It is fine to set boundaries and certain work times, but do be available when you say that you are going to be, and communicate if unexpected things crop up.

Don't perform tasks for your lead VA or call their clients while high on medication. If your mental capacity may be temporarily diminished in some form from medication or other reasons, it is best not to try and perform tasks given to you until you have recovered or sobered up. (You would think this would go without saying, but this has actually happened)

Don't whine and complain that the work you are receiving is "boring". Not all work is "fun" but still part of what needs to be done. IE Databases. It's not the most thrilling work but it is VERY important and the center of an agent's business. If the Lead VA needs your help with a "boring" task, then help out if you can without whining that it's not what you want. It doesn't make the lead VA want to give you more work if you whine when something is asked of you.

Do be prepared at times  for tasks with quick turn around times. A lot of times tasks come in for real estate clients that have to be done in a short time frame. Be prepared for 24 hour deadlines when it comes to listing marketing tasks especially.


Have some more Do’s and Don’ts for subcontracting of your own to add?  Leave us a comment below and tell us all about it and we will feature it in our follow up posts.

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