REVA Academy is Coming!


A brand new training program is coming very soon! Introducing REVA Academy !

There is a very much needed niche skill that is lacking in the Virtual Assistant industry... Real Estate. Due to the real estate market going downhill nationally, the real estate niche lost popularity and many Virtual Assistants moved on to other things or left the business. Some of us Real Estate VAs stuck it out because the fact is, down markets mean that Real Estate professionals need REVAs now more than ever!

There are more Real Estate Agents that need Virtual Assistants than there are REVAs to help them!  This is where REVA Academy comes in. The real estate niche is a special area that requires some knowledge and training to effectively help Real Estate pros. We saw the need in the VA community and we are creating a live training program that will help Virtual Assistants learn how to handle all of the tasks that real estate professionals desperately need help with.

This is just a preview of what is to come! Stay tuned and sign up for our list to find out the latest news and announcements for our program!  You definitely do not want to miss out this training of this in-demand VA niche.

 Mark our calendars for our FREE call, coming up on December 13th at 1PM EST! Don't miss it!

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