Is a License Required to be a Real Estate VA?

A question we get asked quite often by new Virtual Assistants and those VAs looking to break into the Real Estate VA niche is, "Is it required that you have a real estate license to be a Real Estate Virtual Assistant?" The answer is quite simply, no. A real estate license is not required to be a REVA.

There have been quite a few misconceptions out there, sometimes perpetuated by real estate agents themselves that Real Estate Virtual Assistants must be licensed agents, but that simply is not true. Now there are definitely some activities that only licensed assistants can do. Telephone solicitation (cold calling), showing properties, disseminating property information, giving advice or interpreting documents are among the things that require a license. And this all varies by state, but many states are similar across the board.

But as an unlicensed assistant, there are certainly numerous activities you CAN do as a REVA that do not require a license. Things like creating marketing and promotional items for agents and their listings, gathering, tracking, and following up on documents pertaining to transactions, maintaining books, word processing and general clerical activities, just to name a few. In fact, a majority of the background and "busy work" that agents so desperately need help with, are what REVAS can do with no license.

What IS required to be a REVA is knowledge and experience in the real estate industry, real estate marketing, and being very aware of the things you can and can't do.

In the REVA Academy Live Training program starting in January, we will be going over this and more in great detail, including:

  • The differences between licensed and unlicensed assistants
  • What specific activities REVAs can do in an unlicensed capacity
  • The the reasons that working as a licensed assistant can hinder the growth of your REVA business
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