About Us

Why REVA Academy?

We have realized that there is a real shortage of Virtual Assistants and Virtual Professionals with real estate support experience.  There are more Real Estate Agents that need a REVA than there are Virtual Assistants trained to support them!! Not to mention, a few of us current REVAs are in desperate need of new team members. So this is how REVA Academy was born.

What will REVA Academy Provide?

At REVA Academy, we are aiming to provide plenty of skills training to new and even veteran Virtual Assistants that are looking to break into the real estate niche. So this will include:

  • A 5-week, 10 Module live training course - Complete with recordings, workbook and templates to use for your own business
  • Intensive Training Clinics on Specific Skills, ie. Transaction Coordination & Lead Management
  • One-on-one mentoring & coaching opportunities
  • Ongoing FREE learning calls with real estate tech experts
  • Top Secret Facebook Group to speak with trainers and other students

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