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Seeking a New Virtual Assistant Niche? Our Next FREE Call is May 10th!

We are pleased to announce that REVA Academy is presenting our next free call highlighting our Real Estate Virtual Assistant training program, REVA Boot Camp. Join us on Thursday May 10th at 1pm EST to hear our latest call “Real Estate Support – Increase Your Skills, Increase Your Marketability.” Virtual Assistants that become a specialist […]

Upcoming Event – Coffee With REVAs

Our next REVA Academy event is going to be our first monthly¬†Coffee with REVAs, on January 10th at 12:00pm EST. Grab a cup of coffee (or your favorite tasty beverage) and spend an hour with REVA academy instructors, students and friends. This is a great time to ask us questions about the REVA business, our […]

The Real Estate Virtual Assistant {Video}

The Real Estate Virtual Assistant {Video}

This is a humorous and sometimes true video of a Real Estate Virtual Assistant in action. Not all real estate clients are like this of course, but it sure is funny! This video does give great insight into how a REVA handles their business, clients and the sometimes strange situations that clients can throw at […]