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2 Biz Broads Podcast

2BizBroads Episode 03: Mindset Makeover

Welcome to our latest episode: Mindset Makeover – How to get past disappointments, beat the blahs, and get on with business. In this week’s episode, we discuss a super important topic that most women entrepreneurs face, your Mindset. We all have bad days (or weeks, or months), and times when we are surrounded by negativity, […]

2 Biz Broads Podcast

We Have a New Podcast! Introducing the 2 Biz Broads Podcast

Exciting things are coming here at REVA Academy! We are happy to announce today that we are accomplishing a big goal and launching¬†our newest endeavor, the 2 Biz Broads Podcast. Serita and I have been very busy this month, dreaming up new things for our businesses and for REVA Academy. A big theme for both […]

The Do’s, Don’ts of Being a VA Subcontractor – Part 1

Finding your first clients can sometimes be the toughest obstacle to overcome on the outset of starting your REVA Business. When many Real Estate Virtual Assistants (or any Virtual Assistant) first start out, many times they turn to subcontracting for other VAs to get their feet wet in the industry and get some initial client […]