6 Reasons Agents Need a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Those of us in the real estate virtual assistant industry say this common witty saying to one another... If an agent doesn't have an assistant, they ARE an assistant. Some agents get so caught up in the details, and live in the "Reactionary" state, constantly chasing their tail. But look at today's successful real estate agents and you will see they have come to the realization long ago: They can't do it all alone. Brining on a real estate virtual assistant (or multiple assistants) has been essential for their growth and success. So here are 6 Reasons that Agents definitely need a Real Estate Virtual Assistant.

1. They Have Too Much Business and Not Enough Time

As an agent gains more listings, closings, and start servicing more clients, they eventually get too busy. Though it is different for everyone, there truly is a limit to what a person in business could physically handle all on their own. When they get so busy, with so many balls in the air, important things can tend to slip through the cracks.  When agents are burning the candle at both ends, their business AND their personal life can suffer. Before this leads to burnout or all-out failure, it is time for them to call for help and add an assistant to their team to take any tasks off their plate.

2. Have No Time Off or Vacations

Like anyone, an agent might want to occasionally take some time off or an actual vacation. But when their business and clients solely rely on them, how on earth can those agents take any time off ever? It's a recipe for disaster and burnout. Setting up a support team that includes includes a trustworthy and hard-working real estate virtual assistant can come to their rescue. This allows the agent's business to be able to go on without their constant presence required, and that hard working agent can get some much needed R&R.

3 . They Have No Systems & Processes

There are agents who are doing business from deal to deal, with little to no system or clear organization. When there are no systems or processes for handling leads, or uniform listing and closing processes, long-term success will likely remain out of reach. Lack of systems and general organization will hamper productivity, harm client relations, and can keep business growth from happening. Important listing and closing tasks will be forgotten, leaving clients very unhappy. Incoming leads will fall through the cracks leading to no new business in the pipeline. A capable and organized assistant will put the right systems in place and run them to make sure the agents business is running like a well-oiled machine.

4. Too Focused on Activities that are NOT making them Money

What happens so many times when agents have no assistance, they get bogged down in the minutia. It is easy to get caught up in the numerous little tasks and activities that have to be done to get a listing out there. But where Agents make their money is on appointments with prospects or "eyeball to eyeball" with their clients. Designing flyers, putting stamps on postcards, entering info in databases and so on, are not the best use of an agent's time. Time is money, and an agent's time is best spent on the working directly with what will make them money, not the minutia. A real estate assistant will handle all of that, and free agents up to focus on exactly what makes them money (and time for booking more appointments).

5. Their Blogging & Social Media are Empty or Non-Existent

Agents having an online presence via their website and social media, is a major part of a well-rounded real estate marketing plan. Consistent blogging and content creation/curation are essential but can be time-consuming. But, as mentioned in the above reasons, time is money. Agents don't always have the time (or the know-how) to consistently write blog posts or post useful and relevant content to their social media. Adding an assistant to take on these important online marketing tasks will do wonders for an agent's business.  A capable real estate virtual assistant with the online marketing and copywriting know-how are invaluable to the success of today's agents.

6. They Lack Planning and Long-Term Goals

One large problem that agents without assistants have, is that they have no time to plan out and foster long-term goals. They are many times living too much in the immediate. They are being more reactionary without a marketing plan or plan for growth.  When they are managing their business "by the seat of their pants," only marketing sporadically, and no systems for lead management, disaster is imminent.   No planning and no strategic goals lead to ineffective marketing and inadequate lead follow-up. Then there's not enough potential new business in the pipeline will lead to the dreaded feast/famine cycle. A great real estate virtual assistant will not only free agents up to make their marketing plan and goals for the future, they will even strategize, help them put it together and implement it all.


Know some other reasons that agents need a real estate virtual assistant? Are you an agent with a story about how you came to partner with a real estate virtual assistant? We want to hear about it! Leave us a comment below and tell us more about it!


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