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2 Biz Broads Podcast

2BizBroads Episode 03: Mindset Makeover

Welcome to our latest episode: Mindset Makeover – How to get past disappointments, beat the blahs, and get on with business. In this week’s episode, we discuss a super important topic that most women entrepreneurs face, your Mindset. We all have bad days (or weeks, or months), and times when we are surrounded by negativity, […]

2 Biz Broads Podcast

2 Biz Broads Podcast: Episode 02 – Perfection Not Required – Avoiding Analysis Paralysis

In this episode, of the 2 Biz Broads Podcast, we cover the issue of Analysis Paralysis where business owners tend to get in their own way and stuck in a pattern of over analyzing and over thinking things in pursuit of perfection. We talk about our experiences and add some solutions for overcoming analysis paralysis. […]